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Our Workshops

Interactive and Engaging

Our "Get Clued Up!" workshops are designed to give students essential guidance on making the most of their money at university. 

 The topics we discuss will include:- 
  •      what bills students need to pay
  •      student finance
  •      sources of income
  •      how to save on essential expenditure
  •      how to budget and what to include
Not everyone goes into halls of residence in their first year and most students will be renting privately owned flats and houses from their second year onwards. We look at the rights and responsibilities of renting a home including:- 

  •       terminology used in tenancy agreements
  •       parents as guarantors
  •       joint and several liability
  •      preventing problems with flat mates before they occur
  •      dealing with landlords/letting agents
One way of coping with the cost of being a student is getting a part time job. We offer guidance on -

  •       types of contract
  •       minimum wage
  •       hours of work and rest breaks
  •       income tax
  •       work experience and internships​

We also offer our "Alternatives to University" workshop aimed at students who have either decided against University or are unsure. We cover:-

  •       apprenticeships
  •       volunteering
  •       self employment
  •       travel
  •       Armed Forces
  •       employment rights
  •       housing rights
  •       budgeting
  •       Gap Years

For younger students (year 10/11) we offer our "Money Matters!" workshops. In this workshop we introduce them to the world of personal finance. We cover:-

  •       budgeting - what it means and how to do it
  •       bank accounts - how to choose the right one and keep it secure
  •       employment - what jobs they can and can't do to earn money
  •       the cost of living, including relevant examples
  •       awareness of the cost of borrowing from different sources
  •       the danger of internet gambling/on line bingo
  •       the emotional impact of money

"Such important topics - our age group are ignorant of the ways to handle university life, budgeting and housing"

A Princethorpe College Pupil