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About Us...

Our backgrounds  are in legal services, the voluntary advice sector and business development.  We are parents of teenagers and young adults at school and at university.
We have witnessed the stress and anxiety caused both  by lack of awareness of basic rights and responsibilities and of the skills to deal with everyday problems.
Our vision is to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to prepare them for life beyond school. 

"Chui-Ling and Donna were fantastic - very engaging speakers and full of useful advice.  They are obviously very passionate about making sure students really are "Clued Up!"

Kate Cowan
Specialist Leader of Education
King Edward VI High School for Girls

In an independant survey involving 201 first-year students from 47 UK universities, 82% of the respondents felt school did not prepare them for transition to university

C Blake 2017 BSc Hons (Psychology)